Thursday, July 11, 2013

Masou Kishin 3 Pride of Justice (PS3/Vita) - New Characters Details and Screenshots

Players who have played the previous Super Robot Wars OG games, should be very familiar with this game. In the game you get "Enhanced Parts", which you earn by completing various missions. These Enhanced Parts can recover you health, give bonus ammo, improve your character stats etc. How many you can equip is determined by your mech. Masou Kishin 3's story mode also includes several original cut scenes.

Super Robot Wars OG Saga Masou Kishin 3: Pride of Justice for PS Vita and PS3 releases on August 22nd in Japan.

Shu Shirakawa: A genius scientist, he is a very clam and clear headed person. His mech is the Neo Granzon.

Elan Zenosakis: a self-proclaimed genius and a little narcissistic. Win and worship are the only goals of his life. His mech is the Zelvoid.

The house maids of Elan are playable and have their own.

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