Thursday, July 11, 2013

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - New Toriyama and Kitase Details, Caius Returns

- Caius Ballad will return.

- The temporal aspect of the game – the 13 day doomsday clock- is a determining factor. All gameplay elements are linked to this concept. The “Active Time Battle” system is now faster and more action-oriented.

- The developers are aware that the time limit can be stressful for players, but, they say that there are ways to maximize the clock up to 13 days instead of the original 7 days. Some quests have strict time limit. This is to motivate players to do their best. 

- The original music composers from Final Fantasy XIII are back. 

 - The movie "In Time" was a source of inspiration for the game.

- There is no other sequel to after this. Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII will complete the XIII saga.

- Kitase and Toriyama are interested in making other outfits from previous Final Fantasy characters for Lightning.

- Trophies are easier to obtain in this game.

- Toriyama states, Lightning is different, attractive, and will be massively appreciated by all fans!

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