Monday, July 8, 2013

Kingdom Hearts 3 - Nomura on Star Wars, Marvel and Sora

Tetsuya Nomura has expressed interest in introducing characters and worlds from the Star Wars and Marvel universe in Kingdom Hearts 3. Ever since the acquisition of LucasArts and Marvel by Disney, there have been talks about it leading to their introduction in the Kingdom Hearts world. It turns out Yoshinori Kitase is a huge fan of George Lucas' work, Nomura said he was extremely excited when he heard the news about Disney's acquisition of the licence.

Tetsuya Nomura said: "Of course it would be great if we could add those licenses as well. But there are lots of rules and restrictions by Disney so we can't actually put everything people want, so it's a quite difficult decision but we're gonna prepare some surprises for you so, just wait for the informations."

Tetsuya Nomura also revealed that Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be the final entry in the main numbered titles, and wants to make the most of Sora.

Tetsuya Nomura said: "We want to make the most of Sora, playable Sora of course. But again, Kingdom Hearts 3 is going to be the last chapter of the Kingdom Hearts main numbering title series, so lots of fans actually want to play as their favorite characters in Kingdom Hearts 3 so we will consider that, we will listen to what fans wants but hopefully we could give you some surprises in the future announcements."


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