Tuesday, July 23, 2013

GameFreak's (Pokemon) Mystery Game Revealed, Soritia Horse for 3DS

GameFreak, the developers behind most the Pokemon titles have revealed their mystery game, Soriti Horse. It mixes solitaire and horse racing, so not quite the game fans were expecting. The game is divided into two parts: Solitaire Part and Control Part. You can even raise your own horse, and trade it with other players via QR code. 

Solitaire: It helps improve the bond with your horse and increase their speed.

Control: You use the touch pen to navigate the courses, reacting to certain parameters and course attributes.

Races continue by switching between phases back and forth. In the final stretch, you use items and power you collected along the way, plus a whip to send your horse over the finish line. Soriti Horse will be available on July 31st 3DS eShop for 500 yen.

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