Saturday, July 13, 2013

Gaist Crusher (3DS) - New Character Screenshots, Arts and Details

Gaist Crusher is a new 3DS action game from Capcom, with a focus on armours, transformations, collecting for children. With the number of children in Japan declining, Capcom plans to use this game/project to attract interest in new brands and firmly establish these brands by continuously launching a diverse range of content. A anime and manga series is also planned.

Gaist Crusher for the 3DS is set to release this Winter in Japan.

GCG (Gaist Crusher Garrison) is a super-national organization that is used to counter the threat of Gaist, and brings together the top scientists of the world. GCG is the last hope of all of mankind.

Weapon Form -  The shape of the weapon is determined by the Gaist gear equipped. Wind Garuda, a sickle type weapon that slices up enemies easily. Gaia Orochi, allows you to attack from from a distance.

Phoenix: A legendary Gaist. Its blood and feathers grants immortality.

Wind Garuda

Gaia Orochi

Borukan (Director of GCG/Gaist Crusher Garrison)

Sakura (Operator of GCG)

Captain Bana

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