Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series Kickstarter Campaign

Final Fantasy VII: The Web Series is an unofficial fan project, with over a year in production, the makers have asked the fans to help through Kickstarter. FFVII Web Series will include all the Final Fantasy VII games and movie. The series will have 5 to 6 episodes per season, with each episode clocking at15 minutes. each. Click here to learn more.

A small band of eco-freedom fighters battle against the planet-exploiting Shinra Corporation, only to be swept away in an epic struggle against the artificially created superhuman warrior, Sephiroth. Can Cloud, the leader of this group of heroes, save the planet, even though he doesn't even exist?

Director – Gionata Medeot
Writer – Xander Williams
Production Manager/Producer – Daniel Purcell
Action Director/Producer – James Mark

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