Saturday, July 13, 2013

Disgaea 4 Returns and Criminal Girls INVITATION Announced for PS Vita

Nippon Ichi has just announced Disgaea 4 Returns and Criminal Girls: INVITATION for PlayStation Vita. The two games were announced during a 20th anniversary live event in held in Yokohama. Disgaea 4 Returns for PS Vita is set to launch in January 2014 and Criminal Girls: INVITATION is coming this Winter.

 Disgaea 4 originally came out for the PS3 back in 2011. Like Disgaea 3 Returns, the new PS Vita version will come with all the DLC released for the PS3 game.

Criminal Girls was released back in 2010 for the PSP. The game was developed by Imageepoch and published by Nippon Ichi. Sadly this title never saw the light of day outside of Japan. Lets hop Criminal Girls INVITATION for Vita has better luck.

Criminal Girls PSP

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