Monday, July 15, 2013

Chronos Materia (Vita) - New Homunculus Details, Screenshots and Arts

Chronos Materia is a new upcoming PS Vita RPG from Gust. 

Homunculus (FMA anyone?) System: a new unique system, which helps the protagonist. The Homunculus is an artificial life form, created by the protagonist Iris. It helps the heroes on their quest. You can customize the Homunculus' voice, appearance and class. The classes are: Sorceress, Magic Swordsman, Summoner, Star Singer, Amaterasu Fighter, Valkyrie, Priestess of the Moon, and Nature Priest. 

Chronos Materia for PS Vita releases on September 26th in Japan.

 Licorice (CV: Sekine Akiyoshi) is an optimistic and bright girl that hates sadness.


 Magic Swordsman


Star Singer

Amaterasu Fighter


Priestess of the Moon

Nature Priests

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