Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Battle Princess of Arcadias (PS3) - First Story, Character Details, Arts and Screenshots

Nippon Ichi’s Battle Princess of Arcadias for the PS3, is a new side-scrolling action RPG that has you playing as a princess who wields a sword and leads an army into battle. One day the monsters started to attack the kingdom, the princess sets on a quest to find out why and defeat the monsters. During the game, many other characters join and help you out. The Castle and town are where you go to report on missions and get new weapons, armors etc. Here you can buy not just new weapons but new materials, with which you can create new weapons, armors etc. The castle is where you can go to speak with the other main characters, get missions etc.

Each character has a completely different way of fighting: Plum is a close combat specialist capable of delivering powerful combos, Ratsu can use his bow to attack enemies from afar and those high above, Uni can hit whole ranks of enemies in front of her with her magical attacks. Characters will earn experience by defeating monsters and level up in typical RPG fashion. Leveling up will unlock abilities like follow-up moves, double jumps and special attacks like Plum’s “I’ll go with a bang!”, Ratsu’s “Omega/Roof” and Uni’s “Heaven Rise”. Characters can also use a large variety of weapons.

Battle Princess of Arcadias for PS3 is set to launch on September 26th in Japan.

Ratsu (CV: Atsushi Abe) is a gentle and earnest boy that meets Plum during a battle against a giant monster. He suddenly declares himself her servant and becomes her squire. He fights with a bow and can often offer valuable advice due to the common sense he learned by growing between the commoners of the kingdom.
Uni (CV: Hiromi Igarashi) is the craft master of castle Okakae and a calm and reassuring girl. Despite that she hides a sharp tongue that often contrasts with her cute appearance. She’s also an old friend of Plum. When she sees Ratsu joining the princess as her squire she decides to follow suit.

Shigt (CV: Junji Majima) King Goose of Schuvert: he’s Plum’s brother and the king of Schuvert. he’s also a goose. Yes, you read it correctly. Of course he used to be human, but he’s been turned into his current feathered self by an unspecified event. He gets along well with Plum and they have a good brotherly relationship. Despite his condition, he’s a natural optimist.

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