Friday, July 19, 2013

Battle Princess of Arcadia - 4 New Characters, Corps, Dogfith Details and Screenshots

Battle Princess of Arcadia for PS3, is set to release on September 26th in Japan.

Each Kingdom in game has it's own Corps. The Princess Corps is the strongest one, but there are others. The Corps also have their own story. The Princess Corps was sent out to battle, but a mysterious monster destroyed them. The Princess found only a few survivors deep in the forest, but soon after, they also perished.

Rudolf is from the Princess Corps. He fights with two handed giant axe. His special move is the Ultra Burst which destorys the enemy with one cut!

Odette is a female swordman from the Eastern Corps. She wields a giant sword and her special skill is Tairan Attack, which is a giant slash attack.

Haru is from the Western corps. Like Odette, he is also a swordman. He's special move is the Dark Heaven, which blinds and wipes out the enemy.

Vioron is a quite girl, she doesn't belong to any corps. She wields a spear and ger special move is the God Collision.

Dogfight: This is a Corps vs Corps mode, no monsters. Your ally corps and you have to defeat the enemy ones. The victory condition is simple, annihilate the enemy corps. Moral plays a big role this mode, it effects how your soldiers act and how organized they are. The faster you defeat the enemy, moral goes up faster. You can achoose what type of Corps will be in your team, from high class members to simple soldiers. Choosing the right Corps is the key to winning the battle.

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