Friday, June 7, 2013

Sonic Lost World - Wii U Gameplay Preview Video, Details

Sonic Lost World will release exclusively for the 3DS and Wii U sometime later this year. 

- Levels have diversity
- Can use the Pro Controller, but only in modes that involve two players
- Co-op and competitive options
- Support Mode: player with the Wiimote controls a “Radio Control Gadget” created by Tails
- This lets players destroy enemies and obstacles, helping less experienced players
- Local competitive mode split between the TV and GamePad
- Will have some sort of “fun feature that will allow players to enjoy the game longer”
- Was in development before Sonic Team knew about the Wii U
- Reconfirmed: share items through Miiverse
- Dimps developing the 3DS version, not a port from the Wii U version

- 4 players locally or online for a Versus Mode - Offers “totally new level design to match the screen size and hardware so players can enjoy both versions with a fresh feeling.”

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