Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts 3 Details from Hashimoto

- Kingdom Hearts 3 and Final Fantasy XV coming to PS4 and Xbox One worldwide.

- Development of Final Fantasy Versus XIII got so big they felt now was the right time to announce the change with next gen consoles arriving

- Each FF game has different mechanics, so for FFXV they wanted an action-packed game system. But it’s not necessarily indicative of future games

- Hashimoto says it was not difficult to stick to the FF formula, hopes fans will enjoy the new game systems in FFXV

- Hashimoto replies that they have many teams, but there is an Osaka team working on KH 1.5 HD ReMIX and BBS. They are developing KH3

- Reiterates that action-based combat is better suited for FFXV, and wants the dev team to be flexible with the difficulty of the game

- On why FFXV isn’t exclusive: Mentions FF XI and FF XIII were available on Xbox consoles, hopes fans understand why FFXV it's multiplatform

- Many wonderful supporting staff helping to ensure Nomura sticks to the dev schedule

- When asked about Final Fantasy Type-0 or Final Fantasy for Vita, said focus right now is on FF X/X-2 HD

- On Kingdom Hearts III for Wii U: Since KH3 is developed using DirectX 11, the hardware needs to be “appropriate” for that game.

- Hashimoto says Square Enix needs to be more flexible in regards to what systems they release software on to attract more fans

- Agni’s Philosophy is not a game, and was just a tech demo. FFXV will use Luminous Engine.

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