Friday, June 14, 2013

Final Fantasy XV - New Development and More Details

- Final Fantasy Versus XIII was so big in scope within the first year or two of its announcement that Square Enix already considered changing it to XV.

- Square Enix decided two years ago to move to next-gen consoles.

- Decided sometime last year to change the game to Final Fantasy XV.

- Action based, Not many turn-based elements.

- Won’t be entirely action to keep it feeling like a Final Fantasy.

- The director would like to show the Final Fantasy feeling to it by allowing you to fight alongside party members and having to think about certain actions you take.

- Tetsuya Nomura describes Noctis as “quite the weirdo.”

- Since moving Final Fantasy XV to next-gen consoles, Square have decided to increase the quality while using the Luminous Studio engine, which explains its lengthy delay and the lift of the “informational ban” Nomura had previously mentioned.

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