Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Final Fantasy XV - New Dengeki Details

- With the timeframe they're considering for the release of the game, it'll be hard to wrap up the story with the first game.

- Cor and the driver from the 2011 trailer are different characters, the voice actor has changed for the later (he was previously also voiced by Hiroki Tochi).

- Warp is a Noct-only ability. We saw examples of its "short" version in the latest trailer, but expect some footage of a "long" warp.

- There are a lot of male characters, but expect some females ones too besides Stella and the black-haired girl. Expect much more characters than the ones we saw in the latest trailer.

- Cor joins later, first party is Noct and the three other dudes;

- They want to find an use for the different console-specific gimmicks such as the PS4 share button.

- Concept of asymmetry between the main characters and the Nifleheim ones, who wear white.

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