Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Exstetra (Vita/3DS) - Miko and Mizuki Details, Screenshots, Character Arts

Exstetra is set in Amasia, where Tokyo has been fused with other portions of the world. Protagonist Ryouma Narusawa is the only one who can absorb the mysterious energy called Ex from monsters and use it to work miracles. This unique ability will be the key in saving the world. Prisma is the being that can save the altered world from destruction.

Exstetra for PS Vita and 3DS releases on October 17th 2013 in Japan.

Miko Serene is a priestess of a village at the foot of the tower. She helps protagonist Ryouma who suffers from amnesia find his way around Amasia.

Mizuki is one of the knights of Prisma, who is destined to save the world.  Back in the real world, she was into archery and seems to know certain key things about Ryouma before he suffered memory loss.

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