Thursday, June 13, 2013

Destiny of Spirits (Vita) - E3 Gameplay Video, Screenshots and Details

Destiny of Spirits is a brand new free-to-play title for the PS Vita, developed by Q Entertainment and Sony Japan Studio. 

The game revolves around evil spirits who lay claim to areas around the globe, and it’ll take the collaboration of friends around the world to remove these threats, known as Chaos Spirits. Players battle by customizing teams with powerful elemental Spirits. You can trade spirits with friends around the world to diversify your squad. You can let your friends borrow from your collection and use the PS Vita’s location-based tech and traveling real-world distances with your Vita (bus, car, etc), to unlock new Spirits with every journey. Interaction with players from around the world will enable you to trade spirits and obtain unique Spirits ONLY available in certain regions.



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