Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chronos Materia (Vita) - New Gameplay Screenshots, Arts

In Gust’s upcoming PS Vita RPG Chronos Materia, players can rewind time and change how certain events in the game changes. Characters keep their levels and items when you jump around in time.This allows you to defeat bosses and enemies that you couldn’t beat before. The game includes a synthesis system for item creation and branch points in the story. The characters are drawn by Non (Vocaloid Illustrator).

Chronos Materia for PS Vita will launch on September 26th in Japan.

Iris (CV: Yu Aisaka) 

Time (CV: Tomoyo Nakamura )

Primla (CV: Ikuta Yoshiko)

 Sion (CV: Kotobuki Fukamach)

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