Monday, June 17, 2013

Atelier Escha and Logy - Nio Altugle and Harry Olson from Atelier Ayesha Return, 2 New Characters Revealed

Nio Altugle and Harry Olson from Atelier Ayesha are returning in Atelier Escha & Logy. Nio Altugle, who in Atelier Ayesha SPOILER ALERT went missing and was the inspiration for her sisters travels. After being rescued at the end of the game she has since become a travelling apothecary however decides to stay put after arriving in Kolseit. She has however been separated from her sister. Harry Olson having left his previous company in the hands of a successor, still retains his passion for exploration, research and rare items.

The 2 new characters are Clone and Flameu, both of whom also seem to be secondary non-party characters. Clone is an automaton like Odelia who runs an apple orchard and since she was a close friend of Escha’s mother. Flameu is a mysterious floating girl who resides within a ruin.

Atelier Escha & Logy: Alchemists of the Dusk Sky releases on 27th June 2013 in Japan exclusively for PS3. No international release has been announced. 

Nio Altugle (CV: Jasmine)

Harry Olson (CV: Mitsuaki Madono)


Flameu (CV: Kana Akutsu)

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