Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Witch and the Hundred Soldiers - Vu~arentinu, A Mysterious Witch and More Character Arts and Details

Nippon Ichi Software have released new information for The Witch and the Hundred Knights. Say hello to Vu~arentinu (CV: Nakane Kumiko), a powerful witch, who goes by the title "Grandee of Hua." She is a expert in the magic of flowers and runs a red light district in Chokorata Hanazato. Its a place that never sleeps, and can make your dreams come true. The plump lady (CV: Sakura Saori), is mysterious witch with strong ties to Vu~arentinu and is obsessed with food.

The cute knight (player character) can turn in various different forms. Shown here are: Wonder Knight (your basic balanced warrior), Power Fortress (specializes in defense and physical attacks) and Marginal Gaze (strong magic attacks and weapon specialist). When you want to interact with NPCs, a triangle "Behavioral panel" on the top right of the screen becomes visible. Green = friendly, Red = hostile/fear and Blue = neutral. Depending on your actions, NPCs will either fear and hate you or like you, which is indicated by the color of the Behavioral panel.

Nippon Ichi Software’s PS3 action RPG, The Witch and the Hundred Knights releases on July 25th in Japan. The Regular version will cost 7,140 yen and the limited edition will sell for 10,290 yen.

Vu~arentinu (CV: Nakane Kumiko)

????? (CV: Sakura Saori)

 Nahabu (fish people)

Korigon (Vu~arentinu minions)

 Wonder Knight (balanced warrior)

Power Fortress (specializes in defense and physical attacks)

Marginal Gaze (strong magic attacks)

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