Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The Evil Within (Psychobreak) - New Gameplay, Character and more Details

 New info on Shinji Mikami's The Evil Within from

- The Evil Within is called ‘Psycho Break‘ in Japan because it’s easier for the Japanese to pronounce. He also went on to say why he chose the two words ‘psycho’ and ‘break’. He chose the first word ‘psycho’ because of the connection that word has to all of the psychological elements to the game. The reasoning behind the word ‘break’ is because the protagonist is overcoming horrible things, he is breaking through. Shinji didn’t give a reason for how the ‘the Evil Within’ name was formed but I think the name itself is a good explanation.

- Detective Sebastian Castellanos is a strong character, his personality will be strong enough to deal with everything that is going on around him. Shinji doesn’t want to have that type of character that is going to be traumatized and suffer psychological damage. Shinji also went on to say that in regard to horror films, he is not a big fan of these characters that scream, runaway and lose their minds. He said that when he sees these types of characters, he thinks “just die already!”. He doesn’t want to have any of these types of characters in his game.

- The reporter made a joke about Julie [Sebastian's partner] being like this and Shinji said no way would she be like that, it would just disturb the rhythm of the game – we have seen too many characters like this before.

- Sebastian will go into an alerted state when there are enemies nearby. On his own he will go down into a crouch-like position. When Sebastian is alone again, he will go back into his normal stance.

- The lighting in the game is a crucial element. The reporter was asking him to talk more about it and talk about the use of the lantern but Shinji said he doesn´t want to reveal any information about that yet. The reporter said jokingly ‘I´m betting the lantern will go out during a bad time?’ Shinji laughed and nodded his head.

- At the end of the interview the reporter asked: Can you promise us that this game will make us pee our pants? Shinji´s response: Yes

- There´s practically no interface. Word labels for objects fade in and out when you get close to them.

- There are not many sound effects and not much music. – Shinji did say that in regards to sound, it will be used to signal events and information. He also said how there will be enemies that we won´t be able to see but we will be able to hear them (I think this is like when you hear the Tank in Left 4 Dead but you don´t know where it is).

- There is not much colour in this game

- One of the traps you can use is a Nail Bomb. The reporter said that you can set them behind doors and underneath windows.

- The game has a circular style menu for the inventory and weapons. You can also quick select items that have been assigned to the d-pad on the controller.

- The camera will focus in a little bit over the shoulder when you are aiming with your gun.

- The game is designed to be in cinematic widescreen and so, when you have the game set in normal 16:9 ratio, black bars will appear on the screen.

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