Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Super Heroine Chronicle Announced for PS Vita and PS3

Bandai Namco has announced Super Heroine Chronicle for PS Vita and PS3. A Super Robot Wars-like crossover SRPG featuring female characters from a wide variety of anime series. Artists working on the game are Growlanser's Satoshi Urushihara, Eternal Poison's Shinichiro Otsuka, and To Heart's Toru Minazuki. The game will have cel-shaded style visuals, and able to use combination attacks in the turn-based strategy setup. So far, the characters confirmed are from: 

- Twin Angel

- Di Gi Charat

- Kyousogiga 

- Super Sonico

- Symphogear 

- When They Cry 

- Aria 

- Infinite Stratos

- Familiar of Zero 

- Dream Hunter Rem

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