Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sonic Lost World - First 3DS Screenshots, 3DS Exclusive Features

In Sonic Lost World, players will travel to a world known as Lost Hex and faces against a band of villains known as The Deadly Six. Gameplay takes place on spherical worlds that shift in perspective, allowing for both 2D and 3D gameplay, with level designs largely influenced by earlier Genesis/MegaDrive-era games. A new control system has been created for this game which fits in with the levels. 
Sonic Lost World will release exclusively for the 3DS and Wii U sometime later this year. 

- The first handheld Sonic game ever to feature fully realized 3D levels.

- Unleash Color Powers exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version.

- Exclusive Special Stages! Tilt using the Motion Sensor to navigate hair-raising levels and obtain the elusive Chaos Emeralds.

- Create and customize radio controlled gadgets to help Sonic.

- Race against friends through local and online game modes.

NEW MOVES Sonic moves like never before. Vault over obstacles, free run up and along walls, and sky dive between islands at lightning speed. Plus the Spin Dash is back!

COLOR POWERS New and improved Color Powers. Sonic can now fly through the air, tear up levels and explode into enemies. He's more powerful than ever!

NEW WORLD Speed through a variety of exhilarating levels. Explore massive mind-bending courses, vast underground tunnels and colossal structures in the sky as you run inside, outside and upside down.

BOSS BATTLES Save the world one fight at a time. Take on each of the devious Deadly Six in dynamic boss battles which test all of Sonic's moves and power-ups.

MULTIPLAYER Race friends in high speed multiplayer races. Take them down across a range of ultra-competitive levels and modes - it's the ultimate supersonic showdown! 

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