Monday, May 20, 2013

Resident Evil Revelations HD - New Rachel and Jill Costume DLC Screenshots, Renders, 2 Weapon Packs

Resident Evil Revelations HD (Resident Evil Revelations Unveiled Edition) is getting two new Raid mode DLC costumes for Rachel and Jill. Rachel gets the Rachel Infected costume and Jill gets the Lady HUNK costume. The Rachel Infected (Rachel Ooze) costume and Jill HUNK costume will release on June 11th and cost 300 yen, $2.99 USD each. Rachael and Hunk can be unlocked in Raid Mode without paying extra.

On June 4th players can buy 2 weapon DLC packs/bundles for 200 yen, $1.99 USD each. The Resistance Set includes: G18 for Jill, Python for Chris, P-90 for Parker, High Roller for Jessica, Wyndham for Keith and PSG1 for Quint.  

The Enhancement Set includes: PC356 for Jill, L. Hawk for Chris, MP5 for Parker, High Roller for Jessica, Hydra for Keith and M40A1 for Quint.

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