Saturday, May 11, 2013

Pokemon X and Y - New Character, Pokemon Scans and Details

- Can choose from one of three skin and hair colors

- Main city is Miare,
which is a large, French-inspired city with an open-air market

- Four new Pokemon: Yayakoma, Yanchan, Gogoat, Electric-type lizard

- Yayakoma is a Normal/Flying-type robin

- Yanchan is a Fighting-type panda

- Gogoat is a Grass-type mountain goat

- Gogoat shown using Horn Leech, which was Sawsbuck’s signature move

- Yamchan and the lizard are shown using two new moves: Parting Remark and Barabora Change

- Mounts seem to have been introduced since the player is shown riding Gohgohto

- New Pokedex design is like a tablet

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