Thursday, May 9, 2013

Dualshock 4 - New Hands-On Details

New Dualshock 4 hands-on details from from Game Informer.

- Some components are still being refined (like the d-pad and overall weight)

- Deadzone on the analog sticks has been greatly reduced.

- Both sticks feature stiffer resistance.

- Thumbs bumping into each other is no longer an issue, the analog sticks are spaced farther apart.

- Analog sticks have a ridged concave top that prevent your thumbs from slipping off.

- Stuck with symmetrical design because the assymetrical design would cause more dificulties to interact with the touchpad without unintentionally bumping into the left stick.

- Ridge at the end of the triggers grasps at your fingers instead of letting them slide off.

- There is a small speaker above the ps button, below the touchpad.

- Lightbar works in conjunction with the ps4 eye to track your position and adjusts the split screen accordingly.

- Controller felt comfortable and sturdy.

- Got input from Bungie (and a bunch of first party studios) for designing the DS4, Bungie really wanted to make it a controller that worked great for fps games.

-  Game Informer writer says the controller is a big reason for gamers to be excited for the console.

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