Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Freedom Wars (Vita) - New Story, Character Gameplay Details

The latest issue of Famitsu has new information on Sony's latest co-op multi-player for the PS Vita. Sony’s upcoming Freedom Wars for PS Vita, has you play as a prisoner in a ruined world, forced to fight in wars as a way to mitigate your million year prison sentence. The game will have you fighting against giant enemies called Abductors. The Abductors who normally go around capturing civilians and your comrades might also be abducting you, the player, as well. 

The player won’t be alone, you’ll also have an friendly android girl, who is responsible for keeping a close eye on the Criminals. You can customize your friendly android’s hair, face, clothing, AI, speech lines and voice. In Freedom Wars there will be a wide selection of weapons such as great swords and rifles, and they’ll be divided into long and short-ranged weapons. 

Freedom Wars for PS Vita is set to release sometime in 2014.

- Protagonist can be male or female
- Customize Accessories, including costumes and voice sets
- Up to 8 players can fight in co-op at once
- Focus is on saving civilians captured by monsters instead of killing monsters
- Augmented-reality elements involving players across the (real) world fighting for their local Panopticon and securing resources and so on with battle victories

- Takes place in a dystopian near-future
- Mankind lives in walled-off city-states called Panopticon
- Most people have million-year “sentences” placed upon them from birth as a government-mandated method of population control
- Accessory, a government-issued android, watches over the hero and helps out in battle

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