Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dragon's Crown - New Support, NPC Character Arts, Screenshots and Details

Dragon's Crown starts at the Dragon’s Paradise bar, there you have a choice of 6 characters: Fighter (CV: Tsuda Kenjiro), Amazon (CV: Atsuko Tanaka), Dwarf (CV: Ishizuka Unsho), Elf (CV: Imai Asami), Sorceress (CV: Inoue Kikuko) , and the Wizard (CV: Yasumoto Hiroshi Takashi). The Fighter for example has great defence but short reach, the Amazon is powerful, has good reach but lacks defence, and the Elf is the weakest but is also the fastest and has the best range. You can customize your characters color, voice, greeting message, character selection message etc.

In Dragon's Crown you have 2 AI characters that help and support you along the way, Tiki the fairy and Loni the thief. Tiki gives you directions and Loni picks up  treasures, carries your loot and opens locked doors. Witch Morgan runs a magic tool shop and sells you powerful magic items, potions etc. Other NPC's like Princess Vivian, Prime Minister Sir Gustav help move the story along.

As you do various quests, your character levels up and earns skill points. To use these skills points however, you have to return to the guild. There are 2 kinds of skills, common and class. Common skills available for all characters, class skills is only available for the character you have chosen. How you spend and build your character is up to the you.

 Dragon’s Crown comes out on July 25th in Japan and August 6th in North America.

Tiki the Fairy

Loni the Thief

Princess Vivian

Guild Master Samuel

Witch Rukain

Witch Morgan Risley

Prime Minister Sir Gustav

Dean Duke

Guardian Temple Monk

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