Friday, May 31, 2013

Contra Evolution / EvolutionHD iOS Now Available Worldwide

In January 2013, Konami released Contra: Evolution for the Chinese App Store. Developed by PunchBox Studios, the game is a remake of the classic Konami side-scrolling shooter with vastly improved visuals and touchscreen controls. The only problem, it was only released in China, not anymore. Today, Konami released Contra: Evolution and Evolution HD worldwide today for $0.99 USD. Here's the official description:

The epic ACT game is back in high definition! "Contra: Evolution" will bring players back to the most traditional shooting game through the authentic stage and story of 1988 FC platform Contra. Not only can gamers play original heroes, but also two new female characters with different attacking style. Moreover, the HD graphics and equipment system will provide a whole new experience in the world of Contra!

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