Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Witch and the Hundred Soldiers - Japanese Release Date Set

Nippon Ichi Software’s PS3 action RPG, The Witch and the Hundred Knights is set to release on July 25th in Japan. Like most titles these days, the game will come in regular and limited edition versions. Regular will cost 7,140 yen and the limited edition will sell for 10,290 yen. The The Witch and the Hundred Knights was originally set to release Q1 2013 in North America and Europe, but has been delayed to fall 2013.

The Witch and the Hundred Soldiers is an action RPG set in a seamlessly connected open-world, where enemies are pursued in hack-and-slash style combat. The game is set in a forest where the marsh witch and forest witch are at war. One day, the marsh witch comes across the legendary Hyakkihei and summons it into battle. She hopes to rid of her long time rival, the forest witch, and fill the world with marshland.

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