Monday, April 22, 2013

The Evil Within (Psychobreak) - New Story, Gameplay and more Details

IGN released a new article about The Evil Within (Psychobreak) with director Shinji Mikami. 

General Info:
-Mikami loves horror, but survival-horror has been drifting away from what makes it survival-horror, and he wants to bring it back.
-Wants a ‘perfect blend’ of horror and action. Thinks the balance is important as they are two halves to the survival and the horror. Mikami defines survival-horror as a game being scary, and giving players a rush.
-Want Players to pick up the game, and genuinely think, “I haven’t played something this scary in ages!”
-Needs to have psychological horror and make players not want to do things.
-The game is more visually eccentric, unconventional and intriguing characters.

-Three detectives show up to the scene of a mass murder at an asylum. The detectives arrive a bit later than the police, which are already on the scene but not to be seen. Inside the asylum is a bunch of dead bodies.
-The player gets knocked unconscious and awakens in a slightly different location, and so it starts with, “Where the hell am I?”
-Story is less focused on twists and turns, and more on mystery. 

-Mikami mentions you’ll be using (among other things) guns, knives, and axes, but another weapon mechanic they put in was traps.
-Don’t want anything like super-powers or heavy weapons like machine guns.
-Working hard on some sort of ‘emotional’ system in gameplay
-Want to make a lot of different locations, scenarios, and situations for the player that is constantly changing.

-Regular ‘zombie-type characters’ present.
-Enemies should be strange and hard to determine how they might come at you or attack by looking at them, making you uncertain, uneasy.

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