Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Most Third Party Developers Didn't Know About PS4's 8GB GDDR5 RAM

Sony didn’t tell any third party developers about the monster 8GB GDDR5 RAM in the PS4, until Sony's PlayStation Meeting 2013. When they made that announcement, those that didn’t have the latest dev kit thought that they would only have 4GB of RAM, still a very significant amount.

Just Add Water's CEO Stewart Gilray said: "We were told [PS4] was 4GB originally," Gilray told us, "and we first knew it had 8GBs when Mark said at the event's stage, 'And it has 8GB of memory.' We'd had kits at that point for a good while. It's a fantastic amount of memory, especially DDR5 memory, because it's so fast you don't have to have everything there at once. You can swap it in and out instantly, effectively. But when they said 8GB it was like, 'Ooookay.'"

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