Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lords of the Fallen Revealed for PS4, PC, Next Gen Xbox

Lords of the Fallen (previously known as Project RPG) is a brand new next-gen RPG, for the PS4, PC, and Next Gen Xbox from German studio Deck 13. Lords of the Fallen has been in the development for 2 years, and the goal is to launch in 2014.

Former Witcher series senior producer Tomasz Gop said: "It’s a challenging game, action RPG, which means a lot of advanced combat. When you walk through a location, and you have to fight 10 enemies, that takes around an hour."

"When you fight in Mortal Kombat, when you fight in Tekken, that’s why it takes so long. But we’ve done a lot of things differently. For example, we have a skill tree. I would call Borderlands here, because we’re gonna have something like action skills in the game, so classes, stuff like this. 

Thanks to the power of next-gen consoles, the game will have “all those eye-candy elements like DX11, tessellation, anti-aliasing” at no cost to gameplay.  I can’t talk too much about the next-gen Xbox,” Gop added, “but I don’t think a lot of people [are] going to be surprised. I don’t think it’s going to be huge news what’s inside, no – seriously. PlayStation 4′s eight gigabytes of DDR5 RAM means “way more richer detail on all the assets” and “more on the screen,” 

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