Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Etrian Odyssey: Millenium Girl - Character Details and Arts

He is the main character you’ll be playing as in New Etrian Odyssey: Millenium Girl. The Hero is a highlander who has been requested by the council of elders.

Frederica Irving 
 Frederica mysterious amnesiac girl. Due to her lack of having any memories, she is often cautious around other people. She’s a rather kind-hearted girl who acts her age.

Simon Yorke
Simon is the leader of the expedition group dispatched by the Mizgarz library. He shares a common goal with the Hero, which is to solve the mystery behind the ruin. He’s a very well-informed character who seems to know a lot about ancient civilizations and the monsters dwelling in the labyrinth. His calm and capable nature works goes hand in hand with his role as a medic.

Racoona Sheldon
Racoona is the paladin that guards the expadition group of Mizgarz. She is of a noble background, but she is a very open-hearted character who does not give much importance to things such as glory. However, she has a very strong sense of justice. She seems to be easily distracted when there’s something delicious in front of her.

Arthur Charles
A member of the Mizgarz expedition group. Arthur is a young alchemist who uses various attributed attacks. His thoughts aren’t often the most profound and he tends to speak his mind arrogantly. He shows tremendous trust in the expedition leader, Simon.

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