Thursday, April 4, 2013

AckkStudios' Two Brothers Might Come to PS Vita

A gamer who wanted to see AckkStudios’ Indie game Two Brothers on the PS Vita took to Facebook and asked the developers: Why aren’t you releasing the game on Vita? AckkStudios said:  “We’re working on it. :) Can’t announce anything official yet… but it’s something we want to do.” 

AckkStudios also said a 3DS version isn't possible at the moment, because of coding issues. AckkStudios said: "3DS is harder, as it doesn't support our code base, and would require a complete remake. We would love to make a 3DS game as some point though."

Two Brothers is an Indie game developed by AckkStudios on the Unity 3D engine. Two Brothers gameplay is inspired by Legend of Zelda/Old School RPGs and features cameos and references to older games and some Internet pop culture.

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