Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 - First Details, Based on FOX Engine

EDGE has a first look at Pro Evolution Soccer 2014 as well as the new engine. 

- Engine based on FOX Engine

- Engine referred to as “new engine”

- New physics engine uses “Barycentre physics”

- Barycentre physics: different body parts have different weights

- Collisions are similar to FIFA

- Impact strength of collisions depend on which part of the body is hit

- Team is focusing on “photo-realism” for graphics

- One closeup of a Japanese player’s face in EDGE shows detailed skin pores and individual eyebrows

- Shirts are separate from the player models

- Shirts hang from the players and flow and get pulled when jostling

- Ball control radius in 3x bigger than current gen, providing more dynamic off-ball tussles while player’s legs try to get control of the ball

- Can set a player’s “zones”

- This allows you to have an individual player only be allowed to move in a small area of the pitch while defending

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