Wednesday, March 27, 2013

New PS4 Details from GDC 2013

New PlayStation 4 details have emreged from GDC 2013. Among the topics discussed include the system’s hardware, controller, Remote Play, and UI. Sony has also raised the PSN friend limit.

- PS4 to be the central device in the living room

- Core gamers are primary audience

- 5 core PS4 principles: Simple, Immediate, Social, Integrated, Personalized

- PS4 CPU: 64-bit x86 arch, low power consumption, low heat, 8 cores, 8 HW threads, 2MiB L2 cache per 4 core group, 32kib l1 I/D-cache

- PlayStation Shader Language, very similar to HLSL, allows features BEYOND DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0

- GPU – Tessellation – adding geometric detail to smooth edges or create more organic shapes”

- PS4 RAM – 8GB 256 bit GDDR5

- Will come with “very large hard drive in every console”

- PS4 Dev Environment – Windows 7 64-bit, tools are fully integrated into Visual Studio 2010 and 2012

- Speaker, headset hack and “extension port” on the PS4 controller

- PS4 controller buttons are digital

- PS4 controller L2/R2 – Curved design to get rid of the accidental netflix fast forwarding

- PS4 controller: 1920×900 resolution on the analog touchpad

- PS4 controller colors are the Player Numbers: 1-Blue, 2-Red, 3-Green, 4-Pink

Unlike the PS3, PS4 will charge controllers when it’s off.

- PS4 controller light bar can be used for muzzle flashes, health bars, etc

- “The #PS4 Eye will enhance the PS4 user experience.” High sensitivity dual color cameras – 1280×800, 12 bits/pixel, 60Hz

- Dedicated port for the #PS4 camera, exclusive SCE Connector. Means it won’t use a USB port on the console, but won’t plug into your PC.

- Have to enable people seeing your real name on the #PS4. Auto-enabled if you import from another social network. (Can be turned off)

- All the PS4 streaming and sharing: that’s on the hardware. Devs don’t have to do anything special to their game.

- PS4 Remote Play: Screens are mirrored on PS4/Vita (Both on at same time). Hardware does it/not on devs. Start at any time; no special mode.

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