Saturday, March 23, 2013

Namco Bandai "We’re Planning on Making This a Tales of Filled Year"

Namco Bandai is making this a Tales of filled year. Tales series producer Hideo Baba said to expect a lot of surprise announcements this year. We’ll probably get some new announcements at the Tales of Festival in June.

Hideo Baba said: “We’re planning on making this a Tales of filled year. So we have a lot of surprise announcements lined up — stay tuned!”


  1. They really need to "grow up" with these old childish titles, and take a more "adult" path like Dragon's dogma, lazy devs.

    1. If they did that, then all of the charm and wonder would be sucked out and replaced with crap.

      Besides the picture is from tales of xillia 2, which takes a much darker path the the other tales games, yet STILL keeps a positive atmosphere.

      Games are not made better if they are darker, so get that idea out of your head, lazy troll.