Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Mind 0 (Vita) - 3 New Low Quality Scans, New Character Details

- The game will have two worlds the real world and a spiritual/insane world. 

 - 3D turn-based battles, fully voiced scenes, and 2D adventure game-like conversation scenes.

- In the spiritual/insane world players can use a special MIND (Mental Inside Nobody Doll) ability to call forth their Persona-like counterparts. 

Main Character Detais:

Kei Takanashi ( Tomokazu Sugita) – The protagonist. He’s cool and caring.

Sana Chiaki (Rina Satou) – The heroine. She enjoys physical activity, is loyal, quick to act, and relied on by everyone. Her MIND is an elf-like character.

Shishi Akihina (Yuichi Nakamura) – An endlessly cheerful dope. His MIND is a demon-looking character.

Youichi Okata (Takehito Koyasu) – A detective. His MIND is a Japanese doll-like character.

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