Thursday, March 28, 2013

Grasshopper's New Mystery Game - First Arts, Details

Besides Killer is Dead, Grasshopper is working on a second brand new project. Suda51 teased the unannounced title in this week’s Famitsu. One piece art shows a woman with a sword, which is likely the protagonist of the game. 

Suda51 said: “There’s Killer Is Dead and another title we haven’t announced yet, but I think it’s the new Grasshopper Manufacture’s highest priority to get these titles completed and made into the best games they can. So hopefully I can put concerns about that to rest.”

“One of our goals here is to have a main character of the sort that hasn’t really appeared before in games, or in action games. I think we’ve achieved that from a pretty early point. The base of the game will be centered around slashing action, which our company is good at, but I’d also like to take advantage of GungHo’s power and knowledge that we didn’t have before. We’re taking full consideration of online and offline aspects as we work on this.”

“I think we’ll have more to show by the fall, so I hope you’ll look forward to it!”

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