Thursday, March 7, 2013

Conception 2 - Debut Screenshots, Character and Gameplay Details

- Protagonist: As the world’s only “Marebito,” he holds the ability to produce “Ether,” which uses the power of the stars. Because “Disciples” can purify monsters, he ventures to the den of monsters known as the “Labyrinth of Mortal Sin.” In battle, he wields dual swords.

- Fuuko: A heroine and the first Disciple our hero encounters. She has a bright and brave personality, and is honest with anyone she meets. In battle, she uses a mysterious gun called the “Mazuru Breaker.”

- Kurotsugu: The protagonist’s male class mate. He plays his role as the hero’s adviser, but tends to get a bit carried away.

- The game is set in a fortress university city.

- Players will fight with Star Children created between the protagonist and heroine.

- The volume of the main scenario is double that of the first game. There are also 10 times more characters.

- The dungeons are called “Mazuru Circles,” and the one that was made first is called “Labyrinth of Mortal Sin.” Plus, there are seven more based on the seven deadly sins.

- Make Star Children, get ready for battle, and capture dungeons.

- A heroine can now accompany the protagonist into dungeons, but it’s unknown whether you can take multiple heroines.

- The battle system of the first game (where what position you were in when you attacked / were attacked mattered) is still present in Conception II, although it’s supposedly going to be more strategic.

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