Thursday, February 14, 2013

Toukiden Is Similar To Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter has a lot of fans in Japan. So large, in fact, that Tecmo Koei is taking on the challenge of making their own monster hunting game(Toukiden).

Development Producer Kenichi Ogasawara said:  “The concept behind this project is for Tecmo Koei Games to make a title that’s just a straight-on hunting action game. This is a genre that has a lot of fans, and Tecmo Koei wanted to take on the challenge of tackling it.”

"There are many types of action games out there, and one of my aims at first as we worked on the project document was to see how unique and extraordinary we could make this one; however, as I discussed this with [general producer Hisashi] Koinuma, he said ‘just make it a straight-on fastball." 

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