Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Flash (Sen no Kiseki) - New Main Character Details and More

  (Pic: Left to Right)
- Rin Yuvaltour: 17 years old, uses a sword, adopted by the baron at a young age, disciple of Yun Kafei

- Alisa Leinfort: 17 years old, skilled with a bow, mother is president of the Leinfort Company, a bit uptight but soft-hearted deep down

- Elliot Graig: 16 years old, uses magic staff, kind in nature

- Laura S. Alzeid: 17 years old, dual-sword user, daughter of the viscount Aszeid, a bit naive at times

- Some characters from Trails in the Sky appear, including Olivier Lenheim

- He’s the chief director of a place called the “Tolls Academy”

- The Erebonian Empire is a new locations

- It has a lot to explore, and players can explore an building that has a door

- All the citizens will be named

- You can travel using cars, horses, motorcycles, trains, airships, and tanks

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