Wednesday, February 13, 2013

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle - Coming August 29th

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle will release on August 29th in Japan. Those who pre-order the game will receive a download code for Yoshikage Kira and a Hayato Kawajiri notepad.

Namco Bandai has plans to release standard and limited editions, priced at 7,980 yen and 16,980 yen respectively. A Jotaro Kujo figurine, soundtrack CD, and a special plate featuring illustrations from Hirohiko Araki have been confirmed for the limited edition.

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  1. Nice anime blog post. I always like to play with this attacking figure that I collected from at PIJ. Now I also wanna to collect Jojos Bizarre PS3 DVD games for mine. I am very glad to find this review here. Thanks for your nice image post.