Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - Lots of New Details, New Extended Trailer

Square Enix recently gave the press an opportunity to try out a fifteen minute demo from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. Below you’ll find information rounded up by IGN’s report. One very important note I'll mention outright: the game is releasing this fall. 

- Coming Fall 2013

- Changes to party make-up, skill acquisition and, combat

- No monster controlling in this game; again, it’s Lightning only

- Real-time action combat system rather than turn-based battles

- More fast-paced combat

- Guard ability reduced incoming damage from enemies

- Monsters still appear on the world map

- If you attack a monster, battle opens up like with previous games

- Move Lightning with the thumbstick

- New dodge roll ability

- Lightning’s outfits influence the abilities you can use are tied to

- A number of outfits are available for Lightning throughout the game

- Each has innate stat bonuses and slots for you to assign abilities to

- Some outfits are named after the first two games’ paradigms

- Lots of customization

- Three outfits available in battle

- Switch between outfits with a button

- Each outfit has its own ATB bar that fills independently of the other two

- Certain monsters are more vulnerable to magic than physical attacks and vice versa

- Purchase abilities from merchants

- Assign abilities to outfits

- Toriyama believes many found Lightning to be a “cool” character, but a lot of people were alienated by her aloofness

- The team wants to redeem Lightning’s character in the eyes of the franchise’s fans

- Snow Villiers will crop up, as will Hope Estheim

- Both offer advice via comlink

- Noel Kreiss is in the game as well

- Unlike Hope and Snow though, the chaotic energy generated by the imminent end of the world has corrupted him, meaning it’s up to Lightning to save the man she once fought alongside by putting him down

- Presentation note about Serah: “you may notice that she looks quite like Serah. Mysterious…”

- Can’t jump back in time; can only slow it down

- Will have to play through the game again if you miss an event

- Square Enix teased the plush Wildlands and sand-covered Dead Dunes zones

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