Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Killer is Dead - New Famitsu Details

- Features a unique shaded graphical style

- Upgraded visuals from No More Heroes

- Takes place in a near-future

- Lunar tourism and cyber-enhancements have become commonplace

- Mondo Zappa takes the starring role

- Mondo is a 35-year-old man who suddenly receives a job offer from the Brian Execution Firm

- Brian Execution Firm: undercover national organization run by the half-cyborg Brian Roses

- The group sends Mondo around the world in order to execute a variety of assassins, from cunningly evil geniuses to people who seem to actually seek out death at Mondo’s hands

- Plot may sound a bit similar to No More Heroes

- Mondo has no experience with executing

- Mondo can use two weapons: a sword in his right hand for close-quarters combat, and a weapon embedded in his left arm Mega Man-style that can be converted into guns, drills, and other objects as you go through the game

- Embedded weapon can absorb blood from enemies

- Unleash an “Adrenalin Burst” sword strike to one-hit kill foes

- Releasing this summer in Japan

- More details in an interview with Famitsu next week

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