Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest Coming Announced for iOS

As expected, All The Bravest is a Final Fantasy game for iOS platforms. It’s not a remake, but rather, a completely new 2D entry. In terms of features, All the Bravest contains characters, enemies and over 30 songs from the Final Fantasy series. Players can take on the role of twenty possible classes including a red mage, monk and warrior. Bosses will appear at the end of each stage.

Those who download All the Bravest will receive access to an in-game shop. You’ll be able to purchase 35 premium characters from “a number of Final Fantasy titles.” Stages from Final Fantasy VII, X and XIII can be bought as well.

All The Bravest is currently listed as $4.19 on the New Zealand product page.

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