Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dead Space 3 - 4 Brand New Modes, New Top Secret Story Teased

After completing the campaign, Dead Space 3 players can unlock 4 brand new modes.  Executive producer Steve Papoutsis confirmed the four modes in a blog post earlier today – New Game+, Classic Mode, Pure Survival Mode, and Hardcore Mode. 

New Game +

- Start a new game with all upgrades and arsenal intact

Classic Mode

- Single-player only
- Uses “classic” aiming
- No crafting (all weapons have to be built from blueprints)

Pure Survival Mode

- Enemies only drop resources
- No ammo, health, or weapon parts to be found
- You’ll have to choose what to craft every time you see a bench

Hardcore Mode

- Will only have one life for the entire campaign

All four of the above modes are included on-disc. Once again, they will all be unlocked following the campaign’s completion.

Along with a reveal of Dead Space 3′s extra game modes, Papoutsis teased “a top secret additional story that will be coming in a few weeks.”

“As you can see, we have a lot planned for you in DS3. And the team is hard at work on a top secret additional story that will be coming in a few weeks. We’re not saying much, yet – but think ‘disturbing’ to get your imaginations going.”

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