Friday, December 14, 2012

New Legend of Heroes (Legend of Heroes Trails in the Flash) Announced for PS Vita, PS3 - First Arts, Screenshots

Nihon Falcom has just announced it will release in late 2013 "Legend of Heroes Trails in the Flash (Sen no Kiseki), the latest chapter in the Legend of Heroes series for the PS Vita and PS3. The game is set in the same time period and world as The Legend of Heroes Sora no Kiseki. The game features vastly improved graphics, production, and combat system. The full 3D RPG is set on the Zemuria continent and introduces four new protagonists. It uses a “Tactic Link System” for combat, which is designed for speedier and more intuitive battles, and uses the power of “bonds” to overpower enemies. Its “Active Voice” element means there will be more voice acting, and you’ll be able to hear people’s conversations while moving about town.

Screenshots from the PS Vita version.

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  1. o yeah, I'm waiting for this, I hope this comes too for the west (localization)