Thursday, November 1, 2012

Soul Sacrifice - New Screenshots, Arts and Online Mode Details

Soul Sacrifice‘s online mode info:

- Role-sharing

- Neighboring attacks, long distance attacks, indirect magic, recovery magic, rescue, sacrifice, etc.

- Every option is related to a player’s level and changes the play style, which in turn changes the story’s outcome.

- Abilities can be gained when a sorcerer gives an offering.

- Offerings can be discovered with the “mind’s eye.” They can help you make new weapons and protective gear. You can increase the number of times you use offerings.

- When you use the mind’s eye technique, the graphics change to thermo-graphic visuals that reveal your enemy’s weak spots.

After death: 

- If you die, you’re given three choices: “Call for help,” “become a sacrifice,” or “choose death.”

- If you opt for death, you become a spirit and can continue fighting with support (by touching comrades and enemies on screen) but you cannot attack.

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