Thursday, November 29, 2012

Photokano Kiss (Vita) - New Scans, Details

Photo Kano Kiss is currently 65 percent complete. New modes include Touch Mode, Gyro Mode, and Finder Mode. During Photo Sessions, the angle of the camera can now be freely adjusted to take photos with more ease and at a more rapid pace. New scenario “Love Love Days,” which describes what happens after confessing attraction, has been added. The scenario is about 1/4 the volume of the main scenario, and includes 10,000 new voices. 

A new event where three characters appear on-screen at the same time has been added. Love Love Touch will allow you to touch a girl at any time. And another new scenario, “Love Love Perfection,” will offer immediate kisses.
Photo Kano Kiss for PS Vita is due for release in Japan Spring 2013.

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